Embarrassing Moment 😳



I have had my fair share of embarrassing moments, including my brother dancing on the staircase naked at my 10th birthday party.

The one I remember most clearly was from when I was around three and I was in the Trafford Centre with my Nan and Nandad. If any of you guys know what the Trafford Centre you’ll know how busy it gets during the weekends.

Well, we were there at a weekend, and I can say, hands down, it was the busiest I ever saw it.

The only thing I remember about it, was throwing myself into the green and white square tiles floor and throwing a tantrum.
My Nandad ambled off to John Lewis, and left my Nan staring at me screaming and kicking the floor and doing all sorts of weird things that three year olds throwing a fit in the Trafford Centre of a weekend do.

So my Nan was just left looking at me and about 50 shoppers were just staring at me like, ‘What…??’.

Yeah, embarrassing much…

I’m actually going to the Trafford Centre at the weekend with my little sister, so I’m hoping my nine-going-on-fourteen sister doesn’t throw a tantrum ANYWHERE near any shops!

This is the Trafford Centre’s website and shows all the shops in it. http://intu.co.uk/traffordcentre

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