Let’s Just Talk about My Dog

He’s called Winston, and he’s pretty strange. He has four main smells:

1) The ‘I’ve-just-been-on-a-long-walk-and-Dad-got-me-really-wet’.

2) The ‘I’ve-just-had-a-lukewarm-bath-that-I-didn’t-enjoy-because-I-don’t-like-hot-water’.

3) A new one; the ‘I-got-washed-with-a-new-product-and-I-smell-metallically-now’.

4) ‘I’ve-just-been-to-the-groomers-and-smell-great’.

He’s very cute and has a very friendly, loving personality, who wants to say, ‘Hello!’ to everyone, but who barks at anyone who dares walk up and down our road. But he’s so cute they laugh at him anyway!!

Winston loves life, especially when he’s on a walk, in a field where he can just run massive circles around other dogs. He also does that in our front garden when he is let loose after being in his crate after a walk. He is so kooky.

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