What I Can’t Live Without


(I don’t pay enough attention in Spanish class to know the difference. Pardón in advance)

Let’s dive straight in….

  • Ergo Rubbers – 4 for £0:75, and they come in the lovely neon shades of yellow, pink, orange and green.

Rub out those mistakes! Makes removing errors effortless!

  • Gold/Silver Gel Pens – 2 for £0:50, and they come in the lovely metallic colours of 1st and 2nd place.

This product is available in store only.

Use to customise, personalise, label, create, or add a personal touch to various projects.

Every occasion deserves jelly. Proposing marriage? Spell it out in jelly. Travelling by Tube? Keep other commuters happy by smelling jelly-fresh

I have no clue what jelly-fresh smells like either.

  • Chai Latte Teabags – 50 for £1:60. I’m a slave to Chai Latte. It’s like tea or coffee, but more cinnamon-y and more nutmeg-y and more Christmas-y. Cinnamon is good. Nutmeg is good. Christmas is good. Chai Latte teabags are good. *logic*

Product Summary: 50 chai tea bags

  • Profiterole Stack – 1 stack for £8:00. PROFESSOR ROLLS are the best. *throwback to Tuscany…*

Light choux pastries filled with cream and topped with an indulgent chocolate sauce.

Pasta bows, spinach leaves and pine kernels tossed in a pesto dressing.

Quality, natural, ethical products

  • Salted Caramel Chocolates.  £3:85. These are the legitimate best chocolates. Ever. They have molten caramel inside them. Just. Da. Best.

Oozing soft caramel with a pinch of sea salt, sealed in milk chocolate.






  • My Phone – but it’s white, with a black button. I was in Croatia, and my bag strap was lose, and it flipped upside down and my phone dropped, and only showed blue stripes. But ‘Voice Control’ still worked. And started phoning my Dad. And we had to get another screen, but it was white… And, I started my phone ‘campaign’ in Jan last year, as I had had my Alcatel – basically a brick – and got it in August, so I was pretty flipping’ excited when I got my phone – I’d been waiting for half a year for it!


  • LINDT!!! Lindt in the Arndale is the best. Especially when there are freebies. I really want some Lindt now… Hold on… Okay, better now.


  • Ferrero Rocher. Hazelnut, Chocolate, Nutella, Chocolate, Wafer, Chocolate

A whole hazelnut with a smooth chocolatey cream encased in a wafer shell, covered in milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces.

Thanks so much for viewing this post. Luv ya. Leave a comment down below of what I should do next!!



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