The Littlest Things Count The Most – JAN EDITION

It’s the end of January. Christmas is over. Easter isn’t for another 77 days, and winter is basically only just starting. So, I’ve compiled a list of small items under £ to improve your January (and February). Comment down below of what I should do next, and what day of the week I should post. Follow me, if you want to be reminded when I post a new blog post, and remember to click the like button (😳😳)

  • Mini Party Ring Biscuits x 6 for £1:00 at Tesco.


  • Jazz up egg poaching with the Eddingtons Eggs Poachers, John Lewis, £4.

  • Hazelnut Chocolate Wafer Kinder Buenos Milk & Hazelnut Twin Bars, £0:65 from Sainsbury’s.


  • Angel Slices….


SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD. Fondanty and buttercreamy icing on top of the fluffiest, lightest angel cake.

Find them for £1:10 for 4 at ASDA.

  • Yankee Salted Caramel Large Candle

135-hour burn time – get one now for £13:00.


  • A Phone Case Headphone Holder


A Wisdomaze iPhone 4s case, for £3:99, that holds your headphone cable, and you can weave the  cable in between the maze lines. How cool is it?


  • These Decathlon Ski Gloves will actually keep your fingers warm!!! £8.99, Decathlon


  • A Sea unicorn tea infuser.

£14:99 from ModCloth


  • Invest in these…

😲Lipbalm😲in a fruit tub!!

🍑, 🍒 and 🍓 (the strawberry was the closest I could get to a blueberry ok?)

TONYMOLY Lip Balms, 1 for £10 HERE!


  • Ice Cream Doorstop.


Find it on Amazon for $10.96 – (and a 28% discount)







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