What I have never eaten

I ate my first ferrero rocker three days ago. It was the gold one, and pretty tasty.


I decided to make a list of things I have never eaten – or have only recently eaten. If yo

  • A Whole Packet of Crisps – Year 6 Christmas Party in 2014


  • McDonald’s. Or any Fast Food (apart from Dominoes. I had it in Febraury 2016). The thought is just… Also, why they put into the chicken nuggets makes me gag. Especially because they shape┬áthe nuggets. That’s how disgusting they are.
  • Barbecue Sauce – so good. Had it twice in my life.


  • I had white bread in a sandwich (we normally only just had them going down to Cornwall, and even then try were rolls. We had baguette though, not actual loafs) in the Isle Of Man on a school trip in June 2015. And I haven’t had them since.
  • I’ve never had a Chinese takeaway, apart from some of my friends crispy noodles from her tea the night before.
  • I’ve never had cinema popcorn. I have actually been to the cinema but we always bring popcorn from home.

Make sure to leave a comment down below for what I should do next – maybe a book review??? XX Bye…


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